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How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

by Mountain Top Goat
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Have you noticed that many of the best travel destinations are thousands of miles away? If you are a determined solo traveler like me, you will never allow distance to stop you from having a fantastic experience. One of the reasons that may discourage you from making the trip is the long-haul flight. However, you no longer have to worry about it – I’ve got you covered!

At first, long-haul flights were such a massive challenge for me. But, now, I find it easy to survive and arrive at my destination energized and ready to explore.

Ready to learn how you can survive long-haul flights? Let’s get started!

Booking Your Flight

This is where your strategy for surviving the long-haul flight begins.

You need to plan ahead so you can get the best options. Let go of any doubts and start planning your solo vacation. Here’s what you should check about your flight:

Arrival Time

I seek flights scheduled to arrive at my destination in the early morning. I usually sleep for many hours to pass the time during the long-haul flight. As a result, when I arrive at my location in the morning, I feel revitalized.

The timing is best for me because it allows me to hit the ground running. So, after dropping my backpack off at the lodging, I immediately set out to explore the area.

Choosing My Seat On Long-Haul Flights

For choosing the right seat before booking my flights, I trust This site also shows me which seats on the plane to avoid.

For a long-distance trip, an aisle seat is often preferred. This is since you can easily stand up to stretch your limbs or go to the restroom without hesitation.

It is imperative to be comfortable on long-haul flights, so don’t be afraid to be petty and selfish when looking for a good seat on the plane.

long haul flight

Travel Light

I recommend traveling with a carry-on backpack. When traveling with just a backpack getting out of the airport after a long journey is a breeze.

Traveling with a carry-on allows you to avoid long waits at the luggage carousel, unnecessary payments, and the risk of experiencing lost luggage at your destination. These events can ruin your mood even before the adventure starts.

You can read more about how I travel the world with only a backpack here.

Long-Haul Flight Essential Gadgets

I usually try to sleep a lot during long flights, but I also have my electronic gadgets to keep me busy when I’m awake. Here are my top recommendations:

A Kindle E-Book Reader

I enjoy reading stuff on flights. I download some of the best novels, articles, or opinion posts about traveling or my destination. Reading this content keeps me engaged.

A Tablet

You can download dozens of movies and TV series on your tablet. You can binge-watch as long as you want, and when it is time for a change, try writing some stuff down if you like writing. I develop ideas for my blog during this time.

A Power Bank

Traveling with a 20,000mh power bank has made these trips convenient for me. The device keeps my electronics powered on, so there is never a dull moment when I am awake.

Noise Canceling Earphones

These tiny gadgets are helpful when you need to get lost in dreamland during a long flight.

Long-Haul Flight Gadgets, laptop, power adapter, noise cancelling earphones, ebook reader
Long-Haul Flight Gadgets

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You should avoid wearing heavy jackets and other uncomfortable clothes on long-haul flights. Instead, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. 

To save your feet from torture, it would be best to choose comfortable shoes, preferably lace-less shoes.

I also highly recommend layering. Layering is wearing a couple of light but comfortable clothes over each other. So, dress in layers to easily adjust to the plane’s temperature.

Long-Haul Flight Essential Items to Pack

These are small items but contribute significantly to helping you cope during your long travels.

Pack Neck Pillows And Eye Masks

These two items can help you sleep more comfortably during the flight. When buying neck pillows, check the reviews, and choose a brand other users recommend.

tourist on a long haul flight

You’ll Need Compression Socks for a Long-Haul Flight

These are specially designed socks that help improve circulation in your feet and reduce the risk of inflammation and other painful conditions associated with staying in position for an extended period.

When traveling, wearing compression socks is a common approach to avoiding post-flight edema.

Pack Baby Wipes And Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a must-have line of defense against bacteria and viruses. These items help you avoid infections and stay fresh. In addition, you can dab baby wipes around your eyes for soothing relief.

Stay Hydrated on Your Long-Haul Flights

It will help if you stay hydrated during long-haul flights. Drink enough water to ensure that you’re getting up to go to the bathroom frequently. It’s not just about hydration: going to the toilet pushes you to move, which keeps blood circulating in your legs.

If you take prescription pills, don’t forget to take them during the long flight.

Bringing Snacks

Bring some snacks with you! Food that is delicious, healthful, and simple to carry is ideal for longer trips. In addition, it would be best to have travel snacks that can be stored at room temperature to keep them fresh. Dried fruit, nuts, energy bars, and organic jerky are excellent choices.

Avoid Alcohol on Long-Haul Flights

Alcoholic drinks dehydrate you, so try to restrict them when traveling long-distance.Drink a lot of water with each alcoholic drink to avoid getting dehydrated. Also, limit your intake of salty foods since they may cause you to get thirstier and drink more rapidly.

Finally, it is best to be extra nice to the cabin crew. From experience, I found out they go an extra mile to ensure passengers feel comfortable. Believe me when I say that receiving excellent service from the cabin crew will make your long-haul travel more enjoyable.


I’m sure you’ve realized by now how simple it is to survive a long-distance travel. The tips are pretty simple to apply. Feel free to use them anytime and share them with friends if you ever overhear anyone complaining about an upcoming long-haul flight.

Safe Travels!

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