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Altra Lone Peak 5 – The Best Trail-running shoes for 2021

by Mountain Top Goat
Altra Lone Peak five main

The Altra Lone Peak 5 is a competent and balanced trail shoe for anything you toss at it.

Introduction: Altra Lone Peak 5

In addition to its zero-drop shoes and toe boxes that are designed for trail-runners, Altra is a well-known brand in the world of running.

For those of you who have not run in zero-drop shoes previously, you will discover that there is somewhat less foam in the impact point and slightly more foam in the forefoot.

Altra Lone Peak five
Altra Lone Peak 5

Sizing And Fit

The Altra Lone Peak 5 shoes weigh 285g in size EU 43, US Men’s 9,5. They come in men’s and women’s, and they also come in several different colors.

Viewed from the outside, it appears sloppy. However, once your foot is in the shoe, it fits snugly around your ankle.

Stack Height

Stack height is 25mm. 25mm stack height and zero-drop platform mean that the difference between the heel and the ground and the forefoot to the ground is the same. There is no offset like on typical running shoes.

altra shoes 25mm stack height
Stack height is 25mm

Foot Shape Toe Box

The foot shape toe box provides ample room for toe-splaying, giving your feet a lot more space. Perfect for your foot to sit inside the shoe. And for the toes to splay when your foot hits the ground.

There’s plenty of padding in the back and a heel cup. It also includes a small trail rudder at the back to prevent friction.

Altra Lone Peak 5 has a big pull tab in the back which feels robust. Moreover, it’s not going to rip off when you’re trying to get your shoe off.

The Lone Peak 5 is compatible with Altra’s gaiter trap which works phenomenally. Little Velcro tab/trap at the back to secure a gaiter if you’re going mountain trail running. And also a little loop (attachment) at the front where you can clip on the front of the gaiter.

Trail rudder, pull tabs, and gaiter attachments on trailrunning shoes
Trail rudder, pull tabs, and gaiter attachments

There is a mountain logo on the side with laser-cut vents. There are also laser-cutting holes on the toe.

Mountain logo on altra lone peak trailrunning shoes
Mountain logo and laser-cut vents on the side

The Lone Peak 5 is an excellent balance of adequate drainage due to laser-cut holes around the toe-box and rand and breathable and soft mesh windows in all the right places.

Laser-cut vents on the front of the shoes
Laser-cut vents on the front

Bottom Of The Altra Lone Peak 5

A Maxtrack gripping outsole and Trail-Claws lugs inserted under the metatarsals for increased traction are found at the bottom of the Lone Peak 5.

The MX track is the composition of the outsole. Altra ego midsole is very cushion, responsive, and comfortable.

The trail claws sit just beneath the bones of your foot. That way, you’ll get a little more grip in areas where your body naturally requires it and where you’ll be able to use it the most.

The idea of that is to give you a sure-footing on any terrain. There is also a stone guard that will provide you with a bit of extra protection from the elements.

maxtrac outsole and trail claws on trailrunning shoes
Maxtrac outsole and Trail-Claws

Stone Guard Rock Plate

The stone guard rock plate is a removable rock protection insert.

Previously it was a separated plate inside the insole with tiny fingers that tried to mimic the bones of your feet.

Here the Lone Peak 5 has a so-called “Stone Guard” integrated. So now, It’s all single piece and some mesh.

Mesh changes in density so that if there is an area of your foot that needs more protection, the mesh gets a tighter weave to provide more protection to that area, where other parts might be a little looser. That way, it allows them to save weight while also protecting your foot.

Bottom Line:

The Ortho soft insole, Altra Ego midsole, and Maxtrack outsole of the Altra Lone Peak 5 combine to offer a beautifully cushioned and soft midsole to run on.

altra ego midsole
Altra Ego midsole

Foot-shape toe-box is an absolute delight. Again, 25mm of stack height and a pretty good amount of protection around the shoe are great additions.

In terms of the fit – super comfortable fit, everything is flexible in the right way.

You can wear these shoes in a variety of situations. It’s a fantastic shoe that’s a joy to run in or hike the Camino trail in. In addition, the Altra Lone Peak 5 is an excellent fit for my feet!

You tryed the shoes yet? Let me know what you think!

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